Our 2019 Studio Tour Artists.........a journey of creativity, colour and nature


This year we have an exciting mix of ‘new’ and ‘returning’ artists.   Each artist is looking forward to meeting you!

Please take the time to introduce yourself.  They would be happy to chat and explain their creative process.

All of our artists are listed below, alphabetically by studio location on our map. Note we are not showcasing gardens this year but you will still see many beautiful landscapes and floral displays.    


Click on their name and get to know them a little bit better!

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Studio A - Claire Jacobs
The Chandelier Tree
Studio B - Margaret Martin
4208 McCann Rd
Studio B2 - Sherry Rogers
at 4208 McCann Rd
Studio C - Ted Stewart
10 Steven St Newboro
Studio C2 - Maggie Stewart
Studio D - John Shea
Rosal Bay Studio
Studio E - Wendy Lowe
Blue Leaf Pottery
Studio F - Shaun Seaman
Mulley Lane, Chaffey's Lock
Studio F2 - Rob Laffier
Studio G - Roberta McKinney
Maplecroft Studio
Chaffey's Lock
Studio G2 - Bob Hunter
Art Dolls/Mosaic Stained Glass
Studio G3 - Karen Metz
Maplecroft Lane
Studio H - Deborah Jodoin
Lakeside Studio
Opinicon Road
Studio H2 Sharon Benson
Opinicon Road
Studio H3 - Kristi Bird
Opinicon Road
Studio H4 - Donna McPhail
Opinicon Road
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