Our 2021 Art in Portland Show September 18, 19, features the following artists. 

We invite you to view their Tour Artist page below. 

These eleven artists will be at the Emmanuel Heritage Centre or 6 Campbell Street in Portland. 


Kristi Bird - Claire Jacobs - Robin Laffier - Wendy Lowe - Margaret Martin - Sherry Rogers  

Shaun Seaman - John Shea - Maggie Stewart - Ted Stewart - Sharon Benson 


 Click on their name and get to know them a little bit better! 


Come and experience a journey of creativity, colour and nature

  Each artist is looking forward to meeting you!

Please take the time to introduce yourself.  They would be happy to chat and explain their creative process.

Please note these are our 2019 Studio Tour Artists listed below and some will not be participating this September. 

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